How To Caring For Your Leather Sofa?

Product made a long journey to reach you. Please reshape the cushions to restore to its original beauty. It is normal for the product to be slightly misshaped whilst packed in transit. But if you follow the instructions. All will be good.

Adjust the back cushions with both hands, starting from the bottom and moving to the top. Gently caress the fillings into the top corner. If the model has arm pads, caress them evenly from the centre towards the outside border.

Headrest Mechanism

Adjust the headrest mechanism with both hands, starting from the bottom and moving to top. This informative steps ensures maximum comfort and care for your sofa.

P1, P2 & P3 adjust any angle of the headrest with both hands.

Sofa Maintenance

1. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. UV rays can damage damage the colour on leather. If you happen to leave them next to windows, be sure to install blinds or curtains.

2. Be mindful of liquids. Corrosive cleaners, medicated solutions, disinfectants can damage leather exteriors in the same way as human sweat. If exposed, remember to wipe clean quickly.

3. Clean and condition regularly when sofa is place in a high heat low humidity environments. Heat and low humidity can affect leather exteriors over time.

4. Avoid placing leather sofas in high humidity environments. High humidity will attract mould which can quickly damage leather exteriors.

Mattress Care Instructions And Tips

1. Remove the polythene bag before use to allow the mattress and base to breathe.

2. It is very important to turn your mattress from head to toe regularly to equalise the body impressions. The body impressions are formed because the premium quality filling layers conform to your body contour after some time. These body impressions are a normal characteristic of premium bedding and indicate the comfort level is conforming to your body. These are not considered manufacturing defects.

3. Do always use a mattress protector on your mattress to avoid stains and soiling. Washing and dry cleaning of the mattress and base are not recommended. To remove stains, gently rub the stained surface with a cloth and warm spillage. Before using, allow to dry.

4. Leave your mattress uncover from bed sheet/cover for several hours each week. Slumberland/Vono mattress has special ventilators to induce movement of fresh air in and out of the mattress freely. Clean air helps to keep the mattress hygienic and dry inside. This provide you a better, healthier sleep.

5. Do always use a matching divan base to give you the correct support and comfort, as this will help your mattress to last longer than other combinations.

6. Screw the castor and glides into the base gently and tightly. Check from time to time.

Rotate the mattress every 3 months.